Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Panty Boy

Earlier today I had a very freaky phonesex session with one of my regular callers. He's such a sissyboy. He always call me and tell me he's wearing his wife's panties, and he has his big feet shoved in a pair of her open toe sandals. I always laugh at this sissy because he gets so much pleasure wearing panties. He asked me where he could buy his own panties and lingerie. I told him to go to any department store and go straight to the lingerie section. He told me that he tried that but the sales person always think he's just a pervert looking at women's underwear. So I told him to order panties online. He said no because he didn't want his wife to know that he was shopping online for panties. So I told this weak little sissy to just continue wearing his wife's panties or take her lingerie shopping, then wear the panties when she's done wearing them.

Another call with Joe

It's been a long time since I've talk to Joe. I hadn't heard from him in over a year, but I recognized his voice as soon as I picked up the phone. He updated me on him and his wife. She decided not to keep the child and they are still together. Joe is black and is involved in a cuckolding marriage. His wife likes to cheat with guys that Joe works with. He is okay with it because he has a small cock for a black guy. His wife is still screwing guys and spending all of Joe's hard earned money. we spoke for about 30 minutes. He told me that his wife has been hanging out with a new couple across the street. A 28 year old guy with a 25 year old wife. Joe stated that one night his wife spent a night with the couple and came home looking a mess early in the morning with her hair out of place and she smelled like hot sweaty sex. Joe was just happy that his wife made it home safe. He fixed her breakfast and ran her bubble bath so that she could lay down and recover from her long night. She gave him all the details of sleeping with the married couple and giving one of the hubby's friend a blowjob in the downstairs bathroom. Joe is more than happy to hear about his wife's filthy escapades. His cock is too small to please her so he think she's better off getting it from somewhere else. He told me that his wife would be home soon and he had to get off the phone to cook her dinner and run her a bath a give her a daily massage. Wow. His wife has it made. She can cheat, and come home to a hearty meal and a tub full of bubbles. Wow.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holiday Weekend

The holiday weekend is here and I'll be available for most of it.Call me with your naughty thoughts. I know some of you guys will be with the family or traveling. There's always time to make a call and release that load. I'm ready for all of your kinks.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's been a long time

I know it's been a long time since I blogged. I just wasn't into it and I wasn't taking calls. I started dating a guy and I didn't really have the time and I started working as a dispatcher for a phone sex company. I'm back and I'm ready to phone fuck. A few guys called me that I remember and we took off right where we left off. I'm still the same horny MILF just a bit more kinkier. Call me for no taboo phone sex. Cuckolding, Roleplaying, foot and shoe fetishes ect.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kinky mature ebony phone sex

Kinky ebony phone sex is my specialty. I love talking to white men especially, because they are very open about sexuality. I love talking to younger and older men it really doesn't matter. I'm a cougar. Meaning very mature. I'm at the sexual peek that most guys reach very early in life.
I don't claim to be a young princess and I don't walk around with glittery crowns on my head. NOPE! Not my style. I do like to be treated like a ebony black goddess. My sex drive is way too high to sit around and talk about shopping all day or sissy boys. I love to shop and I do love to train sissy boys that call me, but I'm more of a kinky slutty woman. I like to masturbate and moan and get my pussy sucked and licked. I'd rather talk about cuckolding, oral and anal, face sitting and financial domination. I'm not into the same things that these young princess like to do. I'm not bratty. I can be demanding but not an irritating brat.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Recorded greetings coming soon

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ready to cum

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have not forgot about you all

I'ts been a while I haven't been accepting calls for a few weeks. I've been busy with some other projects. I'll be available more next month. Be on the look out for me guys. I'll be ready for all of your kinky naughty fantasies.~~~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My pussy has been around but still sweet and fresh like any 18 year old

Last night I got a call from an older guy named Walter. Walter is about 50 years old lives alone and favors younger gals. I'm not so young, not so old but I consider myself very mature and very much experienced. Walter told me that he prefers younger women usually 18-25 because their pussy has the young feel to it. Still tight and still easy to get wet. So I had to school my new friend Walter and let him know that us mature women have young tight feeling pussy and it gets wet maybe even wetter than any 25 year old. My pussy has been fucked more times than I can count and I'm very much proud that me and my pussy have lots of experience and have been fucked in every position. That doesn't mean that my pussy is not tight or that it takes longer to get lubricated. I have a high sex drive and just thinking about something erotic gets my pussy tingly. Then Walter mentioned that younger gals know how to suck better cock. Oh yea okay. So they are not shy about it the way us older gals were back then but us older women will suck you dry until you can't walk straight. Call and find out more.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Older woman younger guy

I don't normally get calls from younger men. Last night I got a call from a 22 year old college guy asking for my advice. I asked him what turns him on about older women, and he replied that we have so much more experience and are a bit more aggressive than younger woman. This is true. Older women are great teachers when it comes down to sex. We lead by example and are not afraid to tell you were to lick or were to touch. Younger women tend to be a bit uncomfortable with their sexuality. Older women are very open and confident in themselves. We have more years of experience and much more wisdom. Well as I was saying, this younger guy wanted some advice on oral sex with his 21 year old girlfriend. He told me that she doesn't like to suck his cock very long and when he's about to cum she always take it out and tell him to cum away from her mouth. Are you kidding I asked him. She should be down their sucking and licking and begging you and daring you to cum in her face or down her throat. She shouldn't be afraid to taste your cum and swallow it up. He said it's really hard to talk to her about it because she's very shy about sex. Oh my goodness. She's so young and she has a lot to learn. If she knew how to please her man, he wouldn't be calling me. She better learn how to suck and stop running from his cum or she's gonna find her man getting blow jobs by somebody else.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ready 4 ebony phonesex?

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Another night at Joe's house

I got a call from my good friend Joe, the same Joe with the pregnant wife in the cuckolding marriage. Things are really getting exciting in Joe's house. For one, his wife is preggors by another man and she's still fucking in Joe's house. Last night was no different than any other night at Joe's house. His wife invited her sperm donor over to spend a night. As usual Joe put fresh linen on the bed, cleaned the living room and prepared dinner for his wife and her "other man" After they ate, his wife took her "other man" into the bedroom for dessert. Joe said he could hear them fucking loud and crazy. His wife was screaming out her "other man's" name and repeating Joe don't fuck me like this. So Joe knocked on the door after getting excited by all of the hot fucking going on in HIS bedroom on top of his sheets. So Joe went in and they continued fucking as if Joe was a fly on the wall. His wife's "other man" told Joe to get on his knees on the side of the bed and watch his pregnant wife get her pussy fucked. Joe did as he was told and got down on his knees and watched this white stud fuck the life out of his beautiful black wife. They continued fucking for another 20 minutes as Joe stated. Then the "other man" told Joe that he was gonna finish on his face. He took his cock out of Joe's wife's pussy and squirted his load in Joe's face while his wife watched and laughed at Joe. Just like that Joe was told to get out of his bedroom and go and make some drinks for his wife and her "other man"

I had to laugh at this myself. Sometimes I wonder if my good friend Joe is over exaggerating, but he sounds so sincere and honest. And I know he wouldn't call and spend money just to tell me these long stories if they weren't true.