Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another call with Joe

It's been a long time since I've talk to Joe. I hadn't heard from him in over a year, but I recognized his voice as soon as I picked up the phone. He updated me on him and his wife. She decided not to keep the child and they are still together. Joe is black and is involved in a cuckolding marriage. His wife likes to cheat with guys that Joe works with. He is okay with it because he has a small cock for a black guy. His wife is still screwing guys and spending all of Joe's hard earned money. we spoke for about 30 minutes. He told me that his wife has been hanging out with a new couple across the street. A 28 year old guy with a 25 year old wife. Joe stated that one night his wife spent a night with the couple and came home looking a mess early in the morning with her hair out of place and she smelled like hot sweaty sex. Joe was just happy that his wife made it home safe. He fixed her breakfast and ran her bubble bath so that she could lay down and recover from her long night. She gave him all the details of sleeping with the married couple and giving one of the hubby's friend a blowjob in the downstairs bathroom. Joe is more than happy to hear about his wife's filthy escapades. His cock is too small to please her so he think she's better off getting it from somewhere else. He told me that his wife would be home soon and he had to get off the phone to cook her dinner and run her a bath a give her a daily massage. Wow. His wife has it made. She can cheat, and come home to a hearty meal and a tub full of bubbles. Wow.

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