Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Older woman younger guy

I don't normally get calls from younger men. Last night I got a call from a 22 year old college guy asking for my advice. I asked him what turns him on about older women, and he replied that we have so much more experience and are a bit more aggressive than younger woman. This is true. Older women are great teachers when it comes down to sex. We lead by example and are not afraid to tell you were to lick or were to touch. Younger women tend to be a bit uncomfortable with their sexuality. Older women are very open and confident in themselves. We have more years of experience and much more wisdom. Well as I was saying, this younger guy wanted some advice on oral sex with his 21 year old girlfriend. He told me that she doesn't like to suck his cock very long and when he's about to cum she always take it out and tell him to cum away from her mouth. Are you kidding I asked him. She should be down their sucking and licking and begging you and daring you to cum in her face or down her throat. She shouldn't be afraid to taste your cum and swallow it up. He said it's really hard to talk to her about it because she's very shy about sex. Oh my goodness. She's so young and she has a lot to learn. If she knew how to please her man, he wouldn't be calling me. She better learn how to suck and stop running from his cum or she's gonna find her man getting blow jobs by somebody else.

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